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The National Office is open between the hours of 9.00am and 1.00pm Monday to Thursday.



29th June 2016, 7.30 pm at Merrin School Staffroom, Christchurch.

Guest speaker: Alison Schroeder, Speech & Language Therapist and Director of Socially Speaking


 Tools For Teachers

7 September 2016 - Christchurch


Our National Conference will be held in Christchurch,  2017.  Details to follow.



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Mission Statement

A support group to empower all people experiencing the impact of Developmental Coordination Disorder/ Dyspraxia


Vision Statement

To increase knowledge and understanding of DCD/Dyspraxia.  To ensure that children/families impacted by DCD/Dyspraxia are supported with the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential. 





What is Dyspraxia ?



Dyspraxia is a neurologically based disorder of the process of ideation, motor planning, and execution, which may affect any or all areas of development. It is inconsistent, and affects each person in different ways, at different stages of development, and to different degrees. Dyspraxia can be acquired through damage to the brain by accident, stroke, or illness, or it can occur from an early age, thus impairing development, and from no obvious cause. It is a hidden handicap as, under normal circumstances, children with Dyspraxia may appear no different from their peers. Diagnosis can only be made by an appropriate professional. 


The Dyspraxia Support Group of N.Z. (Inc.),
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