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Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand


This parent-initiated, voluntary support group for all who care for children with Developmental Dyspraxia, was formed in June 1992, and is unique in the help, support and information it provides. Our membership now numbers over 1,000, and includes families, caregivers, and professionals from both New Zealand, Australia, with some members also in other countries.



We aim to help children with Developmental Dyspraxia to learn, to achieve their potential and ultimately to lead a happy, satisfying adult life by


  • Supporting each other, sharing concerns and solutions with other parents, caregivers and professionals with similar problems.
  • Informing ourselves and sharing information, thus increasing our own understanding of the disorder.
  • Building and using a store of resources and information.
  • Publishing a newsletter, 'Connections', once a term.
  • Increasing general awareness and understanding of Dyspraxia.


There are small active support groups in some main centres in New Zealand, while Canterbury people meet once per term. Meetings may include guest speakers, videos, or discussions. Our store of resources available to members includes books, tapes, videos, and articles. We publish a newsletter, 'Connections', once a term as a forum for parents and therapists, and as a means of sharing information. In the Canterbury area we also run the Funlink Therapeutic Playgroup for primary aged children with Dyspraxia and their parents and the Funteen Group for teenagers.


To contact us please email:


Dyspraxia Support Group of New Zealand Incorpoarted


Phone 03 358 3249


PO Box 20292



New Zealand




To download a copy of our Membership Subscription form click here




Regional Contacts -


Waikato - Joanne Adams
South Auckland - Sue Hamilton 
Waikato - Karina Johnson 
Whakatane - Sue Crarer 
Tauranga - Stephen Macartney 
Hawkes Bay - Carleine Receveur
Gisborne - Jennie Law 

Wellington - Laura Roberts
 Marlborough - Nadine van Rensburg
West Coast - Miriam Rees
Canterbury - Dyspraxia Centre -
Timaru - Stephanie Batchelor 
Dunedin - Karen Keppel
Otago - Susan Procter



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