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 What is Funlink and Funtween ?


Funlink is for school aged children (6-9 years) with dyspraxia and their parents.  Funtween is for children (10-13 year).  Both are based at the Dyspraxia Centre, Avonhead, Christchurch.  


Funlink sessions run from 12.30pm till 2.30pm.  Parents are expected to stay with their child, to abandon their own agenda and adapt to the child’s agenda — to let the child take the lead which empowers the child and builds self esteem.  Funtween runs between 2.30pm til 4.30pm.



The programme is organised by our Funlink/Funtween supervisors and the activities provided are both achievable and fun ! 


Contact the centre phone 358 3249 regarding attending Funlink or Funtween


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